6VT Youth Cafe

6VT Youth Cafe

“..where young people from different cultures and backgrounds enjoy a safe, friendly environment offering new experiences.”

Through hard-work and dedication by the staff, 6VT Youth Cafe has become a leading Edinburgh charity providing not just regular drop-in sessions but also a range of sought-after youth work programmes.

Across the range of printed publications produced by MBS the key design focus has been to portray a positive and energetic mood. The drop-in promotional leaflet includes translations into four different languages (including Mandarin and Urdu) and the folded annual reports un-fold to work as a poster-size year planner.

6VT - Annual Report 2008 6VT - Annual Reports 2008 and 2009

6VT - Promotional flier for drop-in sessions Fiona Horne - Quote

6VT - Annual Report 2009 6VT ClubZone+ "under 18s safety in the city"