Billboards for Newhaven

My neck of the woods (as they say) is a great place for doing a daily walk. I can change it up each day: stay on the streets, get onto the walkways, follow the leafy Water of Leith, look at the harbour, breathe in the sea… I am literally spoiled for choice.

I am reminded of just how fabulous the area is when I chance upon something like the “Billboard for Newhaven”.

The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is on Hawthornvale, a hidden wee street in Newhaven, and they’re using the otherwise neglected billboards as a public exhibition space. Quite aside from the unexpected-ness of seeing these two works, the colours, shapes, and intrigue of it all, made my day.

Thank you Stephanie Mann

Thank you Tommy Perman

Thank you Andrew Weir

Find out more at ESW

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