Scotmid and NHS Lothian

A dental health promotion project supported by NHS Lothian and funded by Scotmid Co-operative.

Providing clear, accessible dental health advice to primary school age children is a key part of NHS Lothian’s public health policy. When James Gillespie’s Primary School suggested compiling a recipe book, with emphasis on dental health, the idea was particularly well received.

In a project management capacity as much as a creative one, MBS produced both Edition 1 and Edition 2 of “Our Healthy Smiles Recipe Book”. The books feature illustrations by James Gillespie’s children, bold colours for section dividers, and an “Easy to make” as well as a “Dental health” score for every recipe.

The success of the project lies in the fact that the books convey important dental health messages and are fun to use. When the books were distributed to all schools across Lothian, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and book launch day even made the STV news!

“With Margaret on the team, we really can share our recipes with the wider community.”
ANTHEA GRIERSON, Headteacher, James Gillespie’s Primary School