10 Rules of Good Dressing

I can’t (not even on-line where no-one can see me) purport to be any kind of fashion expert. I can however be inspired by a fashion icon.

tThis weekend’s Guardian magazine published “10 Rules of Good Dressing, by Diane von Furstenberg.”

As you might imagine, high-heels, handbags, sunglasses and perfume are all particularly recommended.

For me, the real inspiration is in Rule number 1 and Rule number 10:

1. “Be confident. I have always said it is more about the woman than the dress, so no matter what you are wearing, be yourself and you will be beautiful.”

10. “Don’t worry about what is appropriate or what someone else thinks. If you like it, wear it. Period. Be the woman you want to be. That is the most important style rule of all.”

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