And speaking of Top 10s

The ginger wonder that is Chris Evans has a personal Top 10 at the start of every chapter in his autobiography “It’s not what you think”

The book is an easy read and there is a strong sense of Chris’s fun-loving and up-beat personality throughout.

I enjoyed reading about his early influences and inspirations and in brief I’d say his message is work hard and stay focussed to achieve success.

This is one of my favourite of his Top 10s:

top 10 Things that Make a Succesful Radio Show (the type of shows I do, that is)

10 Know your audience

9 Play on your strengths

8 Avoid your weaknesses

7 Reflect the day

6 Reflect the world

5 Empower the listeners

4 Never forget music is your friend (The Beatles are always on

hand if you need them)

3 Be yourself but just a bigger version

2 Put yourself down before anyone else has the chance to

1 Content, content, content

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