People on bikes

Last night, Bruce McVean, founder of Movement for Liveable London, presented lots of thought provoking information at the Newcastle Cycling Campaign meeting in The Hub.

Armed with a range of research findings including further reading references and with a very approachable delivery style, Bruce highlighted key focus areas for Newcastle’s campaigners.

One immedaite call to action, was to lend support to The Times “Cities fit for Cycling” campaign. As well as keeping track of the serious issues, The Times campaign also includes an on-line photo celebration #ilovemybike – supported by their reporter Kaya Burgess, pictued above.

Newcastle Cycling Campaign are passionate about safety for people on bikes and whilst it was agreed that there is still much to do, there was also consensus of opinion that 2012 will be the year when real and positive changes will begin.

Newcastle Cycling Campaign –

Movement for Liveable London –

The Times “Cities fit for cycling” –

HUB “It’s all about the bike” –

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