British American Project

The core element of the British American Project’s work is their annual conference. Every year around 20 new delegates from each side of the Atlantic are selected to join the Fellowship and over the course of four days more than 100 participants meet, discuss and “reaffirm their links in a changing world.”

Working with very specific budgets and to tightly controlled timescales, MBS produced a range of conference materials which included promotional leaflets and conference brochures. Alongside the main conference brochure, MBS also devised the cherished ‘biog book’.

The biog book is a comprehensive and compact guide to who’s who at the conference. It is divided into four sections; UK Delegates, US Delegates, UK Fellows, US Fellows and each page is an individual biography. Throughout the process of collating, typesetting and proof-checking all the biogs, MBS’s organisational skills and attention to detail kept the project on track and ensured a high quality end product.

“Our conference materials have never looked so good and everybody loves the biog book!”
SUE McLEOD, UK Project Director, British American Project