Rinky dink “Pink Panther Pink”

If you’ve been thinking the Pink Panther is looking just a little but more suave and sophisticated than usual, you’re not wrong. He’s had a colour refresh.

The iconic Pink Panther character has been around since the 1960s film series starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Following the films’ success Pink Panther has featured in his own TV series, comics, cartoons, not too mention all the merchandise. Today, even without a new film, the Pink Panther is still a huge brand with more than 120 licensing deals.

To mark the next chapter in Pink Panther’s career, MGM collaborated with global colour specialists Pantone. With their aim being to freshen-up his signature pink, “The Pantone team sifted through old films and photos to see how the Pink Panther’s color evolved in its various incarnations through the years.”* As a result, the new Pantone “Pink Panther Pink” is slightly more subtle with blue and yellow undertones.

Created especially for MGM, Pink Panther Pink is not currently available in the Pantone library or any of the Pantone books. There are however, hundreds of other Pantone colours available and as a fully fledged Pantone-swatch-book-wielding graphic designer it’s great to see an industry standard used for such a fun project.

* source: Rosemary Feitelberg 11.06.2020 on wwd.com

Pink Panther film credits on YouTube

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