Sunshine on Leith School of Art

I am a “Falkirk bairn” but having enjoyed living in Leith for more than 20 years, I now consider myself an imported Leither.

One of my most favourite Leith treasures is Leith School of Art (LSA). Over the years I’ve been a student on a range of courses there, most recently the 2018/19 Printmaking Course, led by the schools’ now Principal, Nick Devison.

In September 2018 I had just returned from a fantastic Brooklyn “home swap” adventure – Leith is to Edinburgh as Brooklyn is to New York! Much of the work I made on the Printmaking Course featured images from my NYC sketchbook and the printed ephemera (tickets etc.) that I collected on my trip.

The LSA 2020/21 Prospectus is out now and it’s a genuine thrill for me to see a snapshot of my work included in the Printmaking Course information – bottom right corner, “Ellis Island”.

Here’s to more transatlantic discoveries and more inspirational learning at LSA.

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